A high-performance network of compounding pharmacies

PersonalMed® Preferred Provider Network is a high performance network of compounding pharmacies that agree to comply with, and are held to the strictest credentialing standard. Our credentialing process was developed with input from PBM’s, health plans, plan sponsors and other key stakeholders. Our credentialing focuses on accreditation, legal compliance, clinical and quality standards, ownership, training, pricing, contract compliance and business practices. PersonalMed®is committed to working with payers to manage compounds in order to secure patient access to personalized compound medications when they are clinically appropriate.

PersonalMed® brings over 34 years of industry experience and a unique visibility and insight to industry trends, new therapeutic approaches, product pipelines, clinical expertise, and information systems to support payers. This level of insight combined with our technological capabilities, is virtually unmatched in the compounding industry, and is highly beneficial to payers.

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